Friday, December 2, 2016

Canada 2016 - Gift coin sets commemorative dollars

These dollar coins are released only in special sets or folders:

O Canada Gift set
Holiday Gift set
Baby Gift set
Birthday Gift set
Wedding Gift set

LINK: Royal Canadian Mint

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Brazil 5 reais 2016 - Historic Centre of the Town of Olinda

New silver collectors' issue:

"UNESCO World Heritage: Historic Centre of the Town of Olinda"

(news from Taigawirbel)

LINK: Brazilian Central Bank

France 10 euro 2016 - Jean Gabin

New silver commemorative:

"Jean Gabin"

A proof 50 euros gold coin is available also.

(news and image from Pabitra Saha)

LINK: Monnaie de Paris

Zimbabwe 2016 - 1 dollar bond coin

New circulation bimetallic:

Like the other denominations, this bond coin was struck by the South African Mint.

(news and image by Pabitra Saha and Aidan Work)

Kazakhstan 100 tenge 2016 - 40 days celebration

New commemorative:

"40 days celebration"

(news and image from

Weight: 11.17 g
Diameter: 31.00 mm

LINK: National Bank of Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan 10 som 2016 - Zhusup Balasagyn

New silver collectors' issue:

"1000th anniversary of Zhusup Balasagyn"

(news and image by Pabitra Saha)

LINK: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

Monday, November 28, 2016

Australia 50 cents 2017 - Richie Benaud - The Voice of Cricket

New commemorative:

"Richie Benaud - The Voice of Cricket"

LINK: Royal Australian Mint